Smash! #11 Comic & Illustration

Comics, Illustration

Created this testosterone-filled fake video game cover for a satire Smash! article I wrote.

In it, I wished there was no more success in the gaming industry, because every so often new successful products would introduce bad business strategies for consumers, who wouldn’t know how to say “no” with their wallets.

For the magazine’s comic section, I drew exactly what pop in my mind when Bungie’s Creative director Marcus Lehto compared their latest game to James Cameron’s disaster movie. Finally, a dramatic love story in first person, with a lot of grenades and tea bagging.

Printed back in February 2009.

Smash! #7 Comics & Illustrations

Comics, Illustration

These two illustrations were for an article in November 2009’s issue of Smash!

It was about the confusion in console models at the time, when their manufacturers would constantly add or remove features. The PlayStation 3 was portrayed as a sinking ship, while the Xbox 360 was a jigsaw puzzle.

I also made two comics for this issue. At the time my comic would appear on the satire section of the magazine, when the Smash! staff asked me to move my comic to the magazine’s starting pages. So I decided to draw an additional comic instead.

Smash! #6 Comic & Illustration

Comics, Illustration

In October 2009, I started working for a new Portuguese video game magazine called «Smash!».

I would receive commissions for comics, illustrations, and even articles.

The illustration above was for an make-believe article that had the three big shots at Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would have a huge argument in a meeting.

This issue’s comic was about celebrating the release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

The Mason Vs. The Cement Buckets

Games, Illustration

This is from a videogame mock-up for a school project, that came from a old unused idea for a gamedev competition.

In 20XX, all the cement buckets are automated to help out masons, but one day something went wrong and all the robot buckets went on a killing spree! You’re the last of the masons at your construction site and you’re the only one capable to climb up the building and destroy the buckets control antenna!

At the final floor, an epic final boss battle would ensue, with lightning and heavy rain, as the remaining buckets form a mega bucket!